Departures from České Budějovice, Český Krumlov, Třeboň and other towns and villages.

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Jarní akce 2017 již od února s námi:

  • Praha již od 2800kč
  • Plzeň již od 2800kč
  • Karlovy Vary již od 3900kč
  • Brno již od 3900kč
  • Vídeň již od 3900kč
  • Salzburg již od 4800kč
  • Linz s námi již od 1900kč - s námi na nákupy do ikey Linz již za hodinu od výjezdu nakupujete.
  • Bratislava již od 4800kč
  • Budapešt s námi již od 7tisíc
  • Mnichov na letiště s námi již od 6tisíc
  • Salzburg již od 4800kč
  • jarní akce již od unora 2017 - dálkové jízdy s námi již od 15kč za km


Spring 2017 campaign! Contract prices with us around the South Bohemia agreed upon starting from Kč 20km anywhere.


Waiting fee (charge, rate) starting from Kč 200-250,- per hour also upon agreement.

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Distance:0 Km


Our employee will contact you within one hour after receiving your order to discuss details. The price is always for a vehicle. In case you are in hurry call: 721 903 610

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We provide transport of passengers and small parcels (dispatch service) – journeys longer than 10 km already from your agreed departure to destinations all over the South Bohemia, Czech Republic and Central Europe.
Our vehicles undergo a regular monthly service.


Alexandr Popolov

Travelling using TRAVEL TAXI fully satisfied our expectations. Promptness, willingness and reliability. My friends and I will definitely call again. Thank you.


We bought LAST MINUTE air-tickets and needed a quick transport to an airport. We can recommend TRAVEL TAXI, willing and very cheerful driver.


We used TRAVEL TAXI for our Christmas shopping and sightseeing in Budapest. The trip was successful, the car was clean, we agreed the price in advance.

We offer reliable solution for a reasonable and in advance agreed price

Why to choose us,

the Travel Taxi?

We can secure a transport to an airport from Český Krumlov, Třeboň, České Budějovice. Travel Taxi is a group travel, a guarantee of the shortest route to the selected destination. You reach the destination faster, your luggage is safe, you do not sleep on a bench in a terminal the night before your flight. Customer advantage is in particular a comfort – collection directly at an address, no need to deal with transport to a bus or railway station, no need to wait for transfer or to spend long time at the airport. Arrival time is always faster, in some cases a half time (time saving). Car owners do not have to leave their cars at paid car parks within the airport facility (tariffs are often high) or to look for a parking space outside the centre (blue zone) and risk the car to be stolen (foreign number plates attract). We can secure TAXI transport to: the Václav Havel Airport (Prague), Brno, Karlovy Vary, Olomouc, Vienna, Budapest, Bratislava, but also to the destinations you choose.

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  • Agreed price

    Calculate the precise price for the trip yourself. The price is always for a car (maximum 6 persons). Demand is not binding. We will contact you within 60 minutes.

  • The fastest route

    You wait nowhere with TRAVEL TAXI. Passengers go directly using the fastest route. The result is shorter arrival time. We achieve even a half time at some routes.

  • Collection at your place

    We will collect you at your address. No complications with your luggage, forget an uncomfortable travelling. Good news for cyclists is that we can even transport mountain bikes.

Do you not know where to travel?

  • Discover new places for family trips, party with friends…
  • Interesting prices for a car (up to 6 persons)
  • Plan your holidays or a free weekend…

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Watch your favourite film, enjoy pleasant music

We know how difficult it is sometimes to amuse children, especially when spending long time in a car. Our cars are therefore equipped with independent LCD screens, where everyone can play his/her favourite film. One can also bring own CD or USB and play it in the car. The car also provides permanent power connection, which is appreciated in particular by people who often depend on their laptop when travelling.



Prices are agreed in advance, the most often in writing based on an online order. If you order TRAVEL TAXI and set off earlier than in 24 hours after the order, you pay 100 % of the price in advance when our car is positioned to the agreed departure point, if not agreed otherwise. In case of an order 2 or more days in advance we will send you a proforma invoice for 50% of the price and it is necessary to read our cancellation terms and conditions being a part of the Commercial Terms and Conditions.

Our cars undergo a regular monthly service to be always 100% ready. We also have a team of responsible drivers, who work with ONLINE planning supervised by our trained control centre employees. In case a driver cannot set off, we send our other car and other driver.

The price is for the taxi, which can take up to 6 passengers. The price can be consequently calculated to the individual passengers.

We are ready to give you a hand in case your flight is delayed and you need to wait in the car in order to prevent waiting at the airport (especially in the evening/at night). The actual situation is always assessed individually and in such case the price for the car and the driver waiting is symbolic (150 CZK/ hour). Please contact us to discuss your requirement or question in detail prior to the transport order.